Andrei Ivanov
Playwright and screenwriter. 'Golden Mask' Russian Theater Award nominee in 2018 in the nomination 'Best Work by a Playwright'.

Was born in 1984 in Blagoveshchensk. Graduated from the Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin majored in philology. Worked as an editor and correspondent for the Belarusian media, a columnist for the news agency and as an editor for the publishing house.

Author of plays: Queen Bitch (S Uchilischa), It's All Her Fault (Eto Vse Ona), Red Wolf (Krasnyi volk), Sources of Light (Istochniki Sveta), Crusade of Children (Krestovyi Pohod Detei), August-6 (Avgust-6), Cries of the Seagulls (Kriki Chayek), Eugene in the Kitchen (Jenya na Kuhne), Deadhouse (Mertvyatnik).
It's All Her Fault (Eto Vse Ona)
Daugavpils theater. Daugavpils. Latvia. Directed by Georgy Surkov.

Theater "H2O". Prague. Czech Republic. Directed by Tomáš Staněk.

Teatr Dramatyczny. Warsaw. Poland. Directed by Aldona Figura.

Drama theatre named after Sica Alexandrescu. Brasov. Romania. Directed by Radu Ghilas.
Theatre ACT. Bucharest. Romania. Directed by Alexandru Mazgareanu.

Kiev Academic Youth Theater. Kiev. Ukraine. Directed by Vlada Belozorenko.

Rakvere teater. Rakvere. Estonia. Directed by Helen Rekkor.

Irkutsk Regional Youth Theater. Irkutsk. Russia. Directed by Angela Markelova.

Teatro El Galpón. Montevideo. Uruguay. Directed by Graciela Escuder.

Tilsit Theater. Sovetsk. Russia. Directed by Anatoly Grabovenko.

Priyut Komedianta Theater. St. Petersburg. Russia. Directed by Alexander Sozonov.

Prokopyevsk Drama Theater. Prokopyevsk. Russia. Directed by Semen Serzin.

Norilsk Polar Drama Theater named after V. Mayakovsky. Norilsk. Russia. Directed by Anton Malikov.

Municipal Youth Theater. Nizhny Tagil. Russia. Directed by Dmitry Tatarinov.

Theater of Belarusian Drama. Minsk. Belarus. Directed by Monika Dobrowlańska.

National Academic Theater named after Y. Kolas. Vitebsk. Belarus. Directed by Alexander Marchenko.

Mogilev Regional Drama and Comedy Theater. Bobruisk. Belarus. Directed by Sergey Karbowsky.

Mogilev Regional Drama Theater. Mogilev. Belarus. Directed by Vladimir Petrovich.

Teatr Nie ma. Szczecin. Poland. Directed by Tatiana Malinowska-Tyszkiewicz.

Queen Bitch (S Uchilischa)
MARCH 2018 - APRIL 2021
Moscow Drama Theater named after A. Pushkin. Moscow. Russia. Directed by Semen Serzin.

Theatre de Nord. Satu Mare. Romania. Directed by Nikita Betekhtin.

Ryazan Regional Drama Theater. Ryazan. Russia. Directed by Maxim Larin.

Odin Theater. Krasnodar. Russia. Directed by Arseni Fogelev.

Art-corporation. Minsk. Belarus. Directed by Alexander Marchenko

Serov Drama Theater named after A. Chekhov. Serov. Russia. Directed by Peter Shereshevsky.

Immersive performance of actors of Pushkin Theater and 'Yushin Brothers'. Krasnoyarsk. Russia. Directed by Valeria Itemeneva.

Lunacharsky Drama theater. Penza. Russia. Directed by Kirill Zaborihin.

Ulyanovsk Youth Theater. Ulyanovsk. Russia. Directed by Alexey Hrabskov.

Drama theater. Koltsov. Voronezh. Russia. Directed by Nikita Rak.

Theater of Belarusian Drama. Minsk. Belarus. Directed by Alexander Gartsuev.

Odessa Ukrainian Theater named after V. Vasilka. Odessa. Ukraine. Directed by Stas Zhirkov.

Teatr "Nie ma". Szczecin. Poland. Directed by Tatiana Malinowska-Tyszkiewicz.

National Theatre Satiricus named after Luca Caragiale. Kishinev. Moldavia. Directed by Alexandru Grecu.

Crusade of children (Krestovyi Pohod Detei)
MARCH 2019
Art-corporation. Minsk. Belarus. Directed by Yuri Dzivakov.
Sources of light
Art-corporation. Minsk. Belarus. Directed by Alexander Marchenko.
The Golden Calf - Production of the novel
MARCH 2019
Mayakovsky Polar Drama Theater. Norilsk. Russia. Directed by Jakov Lomkin.
To the lake 2 (TV series)directed by Dmitry Tiurin.

Better than us (TV series)directed by Andrey Dzhunkovsky

One breath (Odin vdokh)directed by Elena Hazanova

Queen Bitch (S Uchilischa)directed by Anna Denisova

Ekaterina. Impostors. (TV series)directed by Dmitry Iosifov

Gecko (short film)directed by Nikita Loik

House with ghosts (Dom s Prividenyami) (short film)directed by Evgeny Zverev

Haunted house (short film)directed by Andrei Ivanov

Shahid (screenplay)

The play 'It's All Her Fault' (Eto Vse Ona)
was included in the short list of the XI International Playwrights Competition "Eurasia-2013", in the short list of the festival of young drama "Lyubimovka-2013". The play was staged in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Uruguay.

The play 'The Crusade of Children' (Krestovyi Pohod Detei)
took 1st place in the IV international drama competition 'Badenweiler-2016'.

The play 'Red Wolf' (Krasnyi volk)
was included in the short-list of the festival of young drama 'Lyubimovka-2015'.

The play 'Queen Bitch' (S Uchilischa)
was included in the short list of the festival of young drama 'Lyubimovka-2017', was selected to participate in a Russian-wide seminar of playwrights 'Independent scene – 2017'. It became a laureate of the drama contests 'Initiating event' and 'Dramatis personae' in 2017. The play was included in the program of readings of the Belarusian drama of 'Platonov Festival of Arts' in 2017. According to the results of the joint drama competition 'Kulminatsiya' the play became one of the three best plays in 2017. It received special notice of recognition from the People's Artist of Russia, the head of the theater 'Satyricon' Konstantin Raikin and some leading theater critics of Russia like Pavel Rudnev, Oleg Loevsky, Natalia Kaminsky, Tatiana Tikhonovets. The play is translated into Spanish, English, Romanian. It was staged in many theaters in Russia and Poland.

In 2018, Andrey was nominated for the national theater award 'Golden Mask', in the nomination 'Best Work of a Playwright' for 'Queen Bitch' (S Uchilischa) staged at the A. Chekhov Drama Theater in Serov, dir. Peter Shereshevsky. The play also received the Brewhouse Stage Prize - a grant from the Brewhouse project and the Lyubimovka festival, thanks to which it was staged at the A. Pushkin Theater, Moscow, dir. Semyon Serzin.

The short film 'Haunted House'
won first place at the 2013 'Place Code' film festival in Prague.

The screenplay 'Shahid'
marked with an honorary diploma of the VII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.
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